4 comments on “Funny Girl

  1. Do we know that she voted for herself or just that she was a voter? What if she voted for Hepburn and that is why they tied?

  2. The IMDB trivia page for Funny Girl reads, “Barbra Streisand was, at the time of the film’s release, a voting member of AMPAS. When she found she was nominated, she, like any member nominated, voted for herself. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have tied with Katharine Hepburn for the year’s Best Actress Oscar.”

  3. I’d hesitate to accept that alone as a source. While they do approve/disapprove things for posting, anyone can submit trivia. When I did a quick search, the only time anything came up was using that exact sentence. If someone had written a book stating that (especially if it were in a Streisand biography) or if it was covered in the newspapers as controversial at the time, that would be a different case. You would think that there would be some discussion of this out there one way or another.

    I don’t thing that every member of the AMPAS would vote for themselves. For example, can you imagine Jimmy Stewart voting for himself? I’m going to guess that at least once, someone admitted in their acceptance speech that even they hadn’t voted for themselves….

    Of course, it is possible and maybe even probable that she did vote for herself. I don’t know if she had the humility then or now to vote otherwise.

  4. Now I actually like Barbra Streisand in her comedy and dramatic roles. I would have given her an Oscar for THE WAY WE WERE. Why, then, is it so that I can’t stand FUNNY GIRL, HELLO DOLLY, YENTL?…I JUST HATE HER MUSICALS unless she’s singing the title song…then it’s OK. I don’t understand my own reaction to her films.

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