3 comments on “The Insider

  1. You know, I rented this once, but the disc froze up about 20 minutes in, so that’s all I ever saw of it. I remember liking what I saw up until that point, but then I sort of forgot about it.
    Its so hard to figure out how to stop kids from starting smoking. Do the campaigns they had when we were in school work? they did for me, but certainly not for most. Its hard to get teenagers to look into the future and realize that they’re committing themselves to something which will ruin their health and drain their wallets for decades. Perhaps someone should make a similar film to this directed to younger audiences.

    • That’s a great idea, Ian. Have you ever seen Thank You for Smoking? It’s not quite that idea, but kind of a smart-assed devil’s advocate for the tobacco companies. Also, definitely check out the rest of The Insider.

  2. This is another film that I never got. I found it boring, preachy, and over-the- top-Pacino. While I was glad to see Crowe win Oscar for GLADIATOR and thought he should have won for A BEAUTIFUL MIND, I just don’t see the raves for him over this film. As an ex-smoker, who had to quit for medical reasons, I have nevertheless tried to guard against the “moral superiority” exhibited by those who quit over those who don’t. I hate these self-righteous diatribes…unfortunately, this struck me as one of that category. Not a favorite!

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