2 comments on “The Sixth Sense

  1. I like the comparison to Empire. I also fear that the ending here will reach that status where it simply won’t shock new viewers. Yet, perhaps not. As the film gets older, the legacy of the twist my die away a bit and then surprise new viewers looking for great classic films. What I like is that its not a cheap trick, and its ingrained into the story. Yet the film itself is strong enough to hold up without it at the same time, which is why I believe that this will endure, much like Psycho which also had a huge twist, remember.

  2. A truly fantastic film with great performances all the way around…sorry that Bruce was not recognized for this. So well thought out that it really doesn’t matter if you know the ending…it’s fun just to watch it get there! Sadly, this was the first populat work of M. Night Shyamalan and one which he really has failed to live up to, try as he has. The consolation is that he has created a Mystery/Thriller Classic which will endure as his legacy, regardless of later flops.

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