7 comments on “American Beauty

  1. I remember discovering Spacey in Outbreak and liking him ever since. But your right, this is where people really started to love him, and it really is his definitive role. I like your comments on the three visual styles used as well.

    And this is it, isn’t it! Your last movie. Well done! This was quite the blogging feat. I don’t know what you plan on doing now, but I hope you don’t abandon the blogging world.

    • Thank you, Ian! Wasn’t sure if anyone would notice this is the last movie of the last year here. I do plan on returning occasionally with the missing films, as I find them, and some film that I believe were snubbed of their Best Picture Nomination. Perhaps more about those plans tomorrow. Thanks again for all your support through this long journey.

  2. American Beauty seems a fitting note to end on. Congratulations on finishing your series, it’s been a lot of fun to read. And I’m with Ian, I hope you don’t leave blogging.

  3. What a year 1999 was! Substitute TALENTED MR. RIPLEY for THE INSIDER and it would have been five nearly perfect Best Picture nominees. Loved three of the others, but this was, indeed, the best. Spacey was great, but so was Bening, almost reminding me of Mary Tyler Moore’s repressed, perfect, angry housewife in ORDINARY PEOPLE…frankly, she deserved the Oscar and her SAG win for this role. You touched on the haunting images in the film, such as the rose petal sequence…but also unforgettable was Ricky’s film of the plastic bag floating in the wind–what an unforgettable shot! One other omission: Chris Cooper’s incredible, overlooked performance as the hyper-masculine father who is so sexually repressed and in-the-closet that we never know until the very end, the explosion, which shows us exactly how tortured he is…what a performance! and what a film!
    I add my congratulations on the Project…looking at snubs or should-have-beens would be fun…keep in touch. I’ll miss your review/discussions.

    • Thanks for all your support throughout this project, Ken. You may hold the record for most comments on my blog, and I appreciate all of them. Come back now and then and you may find something new to discuss.

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