9 comments on “Post #499: An Unofficial End to the Project

  1. Congratulations. Since I’ve not read all of your reviews, I have plenty of reading and viewing ahead of me. I also look forward to seeing future years added to the blog.

    Hopefully, you’re including a mention of this blog on your resume, bio or Linked In profile, so that people who consider hiring you will have an idea of your ability to take on and complete massive tasks that involve extensive research and persistence. It’s not hard to start something big, but it is awfully hard to stick with it to the finish.

    Best of luck!

  2. I’m glad to hear your family was so supportive of you. And in your farewell post you once again show off your spark of writing genius that so often shined through in your reviews. You have a lot of talent. Perhaps you should become a movie reviewer at your local paper!

    I really have enjoyed this blog. I love talking about movies, and being given such a wide canvas of movies to explore and discuss has been great.

  3. Impressive…a movie a day is do-able; but to specify the nominations and write about them is truly an undertaking. Most enjoyable from this end and I look forward to hearing and reading more after a well-deserved rest.
    (Nice shot from RAIDERS to mark the official end!)
    At any rate, it’s been great fun…will miss the Project!

  4. Congratulations. But the pleasure in this has been not the completeness but the quality. Reviews of any category of movie are only worthwhile if the reviews are actually good, and these have been consistently interesting and well written.

    And, yes, when you feel like it, you could write about (for example) the great movies which were never nominated for Best Picture. For example, yes, the shot up there is from Raiders, but it’s an obvious reference to Citizen Kane, which was not nominated for Best Picture even though many people consider it the best American movie ever made (I’m not in that camp, but it is really good).

    And next spring there will be more nominees, of course.

  5. I’ve searched for a list but haven’t seen what nomintated films you haven’t been able to watch.

    We have a large DVD collection that includes all the best picture nominees we can find. The nominees that we don’t own are: Anthony Adverse (36), The Barretts of Wimpole Street (34), Disraeli (30), East Lynne (31), Here Comes the Navy (34), Hold Back the Dawn (41), House of Rothschild (34), The Magnificent Ambersons (42), One Foot in Heaven (41), One Night of Love (34), The Patriot (29), The Pied Piper (42), The Racket (27), Smilin’ Through (33), Sons and Lovers (60), State Fair (33), Test Pilot (38), Trader Horn (31), The Turning Point (77), Viva Villa! (34), The White Parade (34), Wilson (44).

    • Austin, I believe my list of still-to-find is mostly within your list of here. The movies you named are ones I could not find on DVD either, some of these I have watched on TCM or on YouTube (you have to look hard to find some there).
      Here is my list of still to watch: The Barretts of Wimpole Street (34), East Lynne (31), Here Comes the Navy (34), One Night of Love (34), The Patriot (29), The Pied Piper (42), The Racket (27), State Fair (33), Trader Horn (31), The White Parade (34), Wilson (44), Flirtation Walk (34), The Hollywood Revue of 1929, The Story of Louis Pasteur (36), Wuthering Heights (39), Room at the Top (59), and A Thousand Clowns (65).

  6. an impressive achievement, and a pleasure to follow you on your trip! May I suggest you celebrate post Nr 500 by sharing your, say, 20 favourite films of all those that you watched? no ranking, just your subjective assessment of “yes, these are my personal favourites” – I would love to read that, and you may be the only person in the world now with sufficient credibility to come up with such recommendations. Is there anybody else who has seen all these? I doubt it! Congratulations again!

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