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  1. Great article Alison. I’ve actually began collecting Disney blu-rays before they go into the vault so I have them for my future kids.

    Animated images really do imprint in your mind. I remember certain Fantasia images very sharply, and I was really freaked out when Pinocchio turned into a donkey. These are the sorts of things that can only be done with animation.
    I like that the academy has the animated category now, but I do wonder if that eliminated any possibility of an animated picture winning best picture. I mean, WallE, which wasn’t even nominated, deserved the award far more than Slumdog.

  2. enjoyed your homage to the animated film…and likewise am sorry that the genre was relegated to the backroom for so many years. I think especially of one of my favorites from the 50s, LADY AND THE TRAMP with great vocals by Peggy Lee and some great scenes like the two dogs eating spaghetti while the waiter sang “Bella Notte”. absolutely charming! Also, special thanks to “Beauty and the Beast” for opening the eyes of the Academy to the true value of animation. An overlooked film which was a favorite of mine was “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” with Matt Damon as the narrator. This film reportedly combined the Disney art with CGI resulting in an opening scene where the soaring eagle flies through 7 recognizable national parks while the opening song plays…quite stunning.
    Also glad that Last Unicorn and Wall-E were noted. always look forward to the next animated film; but I am partial to the old art work of the Disney days.

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