4 comments on “Being John Malkovich

  1. I agree with you on the dingy photography. That’s part of the reason I didn’t like this movie, along with the fact that even though the concept was very unique, I still managed to be bored. And the parts that weren’t dull were pretentious.

  2. The photography was part of it, but the main reason I was disappointed was that I thought it didn’t have an ending. It just fizzled out, playing more and more variations on the same ideas, and I’d already got the point. The first half of the movie was so exciting, so many things I’d never seen before but all of which made perfect sense in context, that I also got bored toward the end. Similar to the Matrix, I guess, where I had the same reaction.

    What would have been a real kick would have been to see Being John Malkovich knowing absolutely nothing about it in advance. THAT would have been a trip. 🙂

    • Anthony, being the wonderful student I once was, and not reading any of the assigned material before the class viewing, that is exactly how I first saw Being John Malkovich. And it was quite the trip, part of the reason I still enjoy it today. That first viewing was like being led through a fun house, full of gags I could have never imagined, but always understanding exactly where we are and what is going on. I highly recommend blindly going into this film.

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