14 comments on “Houdini’s Magic Ticket Blogathon: What Movies Would You Visit?

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  2. Fun answers! Quint from Jaws definitely is one cool cat I would love to hang out with. I also thought about the neuralizer from MIB as it’s definitely one useful gadget I’d love to have. Finally, nothing quite like riding alongside Indiana Jones to some exciting adventures 🙂

  3. Wow, Quint from Jaws huh. I don’t know if I could take someone rambling on about the type of epic adventures at sea they had. It might be nice to swig a couple of beers with him though.

  4. Oh man, I would soooo love to get my hands on a Neuraliser. That would be an awesome way of getting out of arguments, out of work, out of any trouble at all, really!

  5. Oh to be in an X-Wing fighting the Deathstar…now that’s sounds like fun.

    I think any of Indiana Jones’ adventures would be fun but perhaps Last Crusade is the most exciting.

    Love the idea of singing Show Me The Way To Go Home on a plane with Quint! Top stuff!

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