7 comments on “Winnie the Pooh (2011)

  1. Thanks for the “heads-up”…I have long preferred the hand-drawn Disney-esque animation over the PIXAR “realism” (WALL-E being the notable exception). Will definitely check this out as I actually miss the artistic work of the old animated films.

  2. I am so looking forward to watching this: I never really liked Winnie The Pooh as a kid, but strangely, now that I’ve grown up, his innocent ways seem more appealing now…. weird….

    Great little piece too, Alyson. I especially liked your point about its potential Oscar glory, or lack thereof in light of bolder, brassier (and often more gaudy) animated fare: to me, it doesn’t matter if a film like this wins many/any awards, because as I’ve often told people, films aren’t made to win awards, they’re made to entertain first and foremost.

    • Wonderful point Rodney, thank you. While this blog focuses on award winning films, I felt compelled to write about this film simply because I enjoyed it so much and hope others will too.

  3. Rango is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, animated or otherwise. That’s my pick for best animated feature.

    • I’ve got to agree, Rango was awesome. Technically, the variety of textures was some of the best I’ve seen in animation. And the story was well done too. Hoping to review it on here sometime. Thanks Aaron.

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