6 comments on “North by Northwest

  1. Its hard not to like this movie. Also, have you watched it on Bluray yet? It looks simply fantastic. One of the most amazing transfers of an older film I have ever seen.

  2. it is fabulously entertaining, I think maybe among the best-written of all Hitchcock movies. Ernest Lehman struggled with the script for a long time, but it was worth it. I am currently entangled in a Hitch marathon, working my way backwards chronologically through hopefully all of his movies, even though that will be tough (52?). I have just re-watched “To Catch a Thief” and look forward to “The Trouble With Harry”. So far, most films I have seen really hold up and make me grateful for being able to (re-)discover them.

    • Agreed, I read on IMDB that Hitchcock gave Lehman just a few ideas to go on: mistaken identity, the United Nations building, and a chase scene across the faces of Mt. Rushmore. Building the script around just those few things was quite a feat.
      Good luck with the backwards Hitchcock marathon!

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