2 comments on “A Christmas Story

  1. I grew up with Jean Shepherd (who wrote the movie as well as narrating it). I listened to his radio show every night (in the dark, with the radio under the covers, since it was after my bedtime). Later, I read his books, and I saw him perform live three times (including at Carnegie Hall, where I spent three wonderful hours watching him do nothing more extraordinary than walking around the stage talking, and then, when the curtain came down, I immediately remembered that I was really sick and should have been home in bed).

    I like A Christmas Story. It’s a wonderful adaptation of some of his stories, and it’s a particular pleasure to hear his voice again (and to see him in the background of a scene or two), but it’s a bit corny, as you say, compared to the full-bore, wised-up Shep that I used to hear on my white plastic clock-radio. I think the key is other word you used, “nostalgia.” I remember what Shep said about nostalgia:

    “Nostalgia is based on the idea that things have ever been better than they are right now. They weren’t. Things have always been lousy.”

    A lot of great memories for a Christmas morning. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the great comment full of memories and info I never knew! Last night, one of my aunts was talking about this movie, saying how perfectly it captured being a kid in Indiana around that time period. She said everything from the window display in town, to the milk bottles on the table was in perfect detail.

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