4 comments on “Fantasia

  1. Such a magnificent film. As a kid, my favorite part was the “soundtrack” sequence, because it was (and still is) one of the best visual cues as to how sound and music works. Nowadays, I look fondly on the dancing hippos, a sequence which has the bizarre effect of making me think about the pink elephants sequence in Dumbo, even though the two are distinctly different.

    I thought the sequel was equally as visually dazzling, even if the “celebrity” segues were cringe-worthy, by-and-large.

    • Yes Rodney, with the advances in technology, Fantasia 2000 is visually amazing, and on an IMAX screen it was quite the experience. But the fact that it was so much shorter than the original left me longing for more.

  2. This was always my go-to movie when I was tired of watching all my princess movies. I would put on a show for my grandparents when the mushrooms came on! I know that is soooo bad now, but it was fun!

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