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  1. While I did not “grow up” in the South, I did live in the Carolinas from ’61 – ’73, starting at the age of 17 and, trust me, I recognized most of the characters in this film. And I just loved watching it and laughing at all the remembered craziness!! While I see your point about the dangers of laughing at the villain, something in me makes me recall the lines from Dr. Zhivago…”but the Tsar didn’t know he was an enemy of the people”…This may not be a valid excuse for the Hillies of the day, but regardless of these beliefs, it’s important to recognize that the characters were not evil creatures but truly sincere, misguided products of their environment. I knew the whole spectrum of these women and men, and hating any of them at this point is not an option either. A really marvelous film, for sure one of my top 5 for the year…the Coming Out Ball was absolutely hysterical!!

  2. I have yet to see the movie, however, I did just complete the book. I was born in 1966, so I never experienced what racism was like back then.

    I agree with Ken, we must remember the days of Martin Luther King…this time period – the 60’s. I can see a white woman, especially in the south, having “followers” and taking her seriously with her ridiculous ideas and beliefs.

    Another point is Hilly’s “status”….it seems so high school clickish to me! lol She had power and didn’t care who she stepped on.

    Nice blog, I am a new fan. smiles-Renee

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    Writing is my hobby,(wish it was my career), as a writer, of course, I enjoy reading. Read The Help–even the men, I promise it is NOT a chick flick. Check out the movie review: thebestpictureproject.wordpress.com

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