7 comments on “Wuthering Heights

  1. April fools! Or wait… did you actually enjoy it? lol Sorry, I did not like this film at all. It was boring, moody, and I felt no connection to the characters.

  2. I would really like to know how it compares to the book (I have read the book but not seen the movie). It sounds like the second half of the book about Cathy and Heathcliff’s children is not even there, which I guess makes sense due to time limitations. It would be interesting to see how it ends when that second half is taken out. I was told by a friend that this movie really sucked, so I have not bothered trying to watch it. Maybe I will give it go if I find it. It is such a great book that I don’t want to ruin it with a substandard interpretation. I have also never been an Olivier fan and that might put me off as well.
    Wow that was a waste of time, commenting on a movie I haven’t seen.
    If anyone happens to have an opinion on the book to movie transfer, I would be glad to hear it.

    • I have read the book and seen the movie. I adore the first half of the novel, so I actually enjoy the film adaptation. You are correct, it does not show their children. Some other details are different too. I really enjoy Olivier in the movie, not so much Merle Oberon though. The entire film is posted on YouTube though! I had looked for it for a long time and just recently thought to there. I think it’s worthwhile to watch (especially since it was on AFI’s original Top 100) but definitely don’t expect it to be a grand movie or equal to the book. It’s such a beautiful story and I think the movie is a worthy interpretation.

  3. I just watched the film on youtube as suggested, so now I have a right to comment on it. Yay!
    I went into it with low expectations, and that probably helped. I’ll say it could have been worse in terms of book faithfulness, and I’m glad it wasn’t.
    I’m still not an Olivier fan but he did come through for me on a couple of scenes. When Hindley was trying to kill him and he gave that whole big speech, that was great. Also the very very crucial dying scene at the end. He did great on that, and I was very worried that it wouldn’t be as good as it was.
    There were things that bothered me though. Mainly it was Cathy’s treatment of Heathcliff when he reappears for the second time (can’t tell why they had him go to America twice, but whatever). I think it would have been a more effective portrayal of their relationship to show how Cathy doesn’t want to be with him but can’t help it, and when he came back it was just that she didn’t want to be with him because he would pollute her with his dirty underhanded ways. Maybe they just wanted to enhance the effect for her acceptance of him at the end. Also the way they handled the Heathcliff/Isabella relationship I just didn’t like. I liked it a lot better in the book when Isabella doesn’t try to be all “I’m going to save Heathcliff with love!” and she’s just like “I better get out of here because Heathcliff is such a jerkface and is sucking my will to live!” It just shows more strength on her part I think. And there’s the overly sentimental ending with Heathcliff and Cathy walking on the mountain and Ellen’s melodramtic voice over. I think the book ending would have been a lot more effective as they had already introduced Cathy’s connection to the moors. They could have kept that going with the ending of both of their graves in the harmony of nature. They also used the thunderstorms during chaos so why did they drop it….? I don’t know. There were also some little things (like Merle Oberon’s eyes bugging out of her head as she’s dying, what’s up with that) but that was pretty much the problems I had.
    I do admit it’s worth the watch though, especially if you can get it for free! It’s nice to see how others interpret the book because I did not realize that Cathy was such a gold digger. It’s totally true, but I guess it just didn’t come out as much in the book when I read it. I’m always interested in movies made from books but I’m also always afraid that they’ll kill it for me. Wuthering Heights is still alive though, don’t worry.

  4. Frankly, I was more impressed by Merle Oberon than I was of Laurence Olivier. I feel that the latter was a bit too theatrical in some scenes, despite William Wyler’s direction.

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