7 comments on “Top 10 Reasons to See Titanic in 3D

  1. Now the truth can be told—I was one of the 10 people in the country who was never a big fan of TITANIC, though the technical aspects of the film WERE truly awe-inspiring. The song was just fine and actually deserved to win the award…As for Kate Winslet’s boobs, they were actually quite attractive in the film; unfortunately, however, she seems to have taken this as some sort of sign to expose her breasts in her next 5 or 6 films, with less flattering results…eventually leading me to the reaction “Oh No! Here They Come Again!” The worst thing for me about TITANIC, though, was the absolutely unbelievable relationship between the two doomed lovers, as a still very youthful-looking Leonardo DiCaprio wooed a quite mature-looking Kate Winslet—-she looked like his MOTHER! it was all most disconcerting! An older-looking Jack or a younger-looking Rose would have helped immensely. And TITANIC as part of a 3-way(?) tie for most-honored film by the Academy…I don’t think so! I was glad to have seen this on the big screen when it first came out; however, I shall pass on seeing the dumb love story on an even bigger screen this time around…Besides, there’s always the thing about Kate Winslet’s boobs which now can be supposed to have grown as big as the entire theater…”Oh No, Here They Come Again, this time even Bigger and in 3-D”

    • Wow Ken, did not expect you to go on about Kate Winslet’s boobs. Thing is, they were much bigger in IMAX. Such an uncomfortable moment at age twelve, next to my aunt. And for the record, I have always been a fan of Titanic more for the technical achievements and sinking scenes, not so much the love story.

      • I know, I know….but that was not my initial reaction to that “portrait scene” in the film. It’s more of an aftermath reaction to obligatory “breast scenes” which followed in “Little Children”, “The Reader” most notably, and wasn’t “Revolutionary Road” in that category as well?. I was speaking, at least partly, “tongue-in-cheek”. and I am glad to report that even good Kate (whom I do admire) said that she was through with nude shots in films. Happy to read that, as she really is quite a good actress.!

    • From someone who was already almost 30 when the movie came out, Leonardo and Kate looked to me as both a couple of young kids. She didn’t look any older than he did to me – perhaps it was because she was up in first-class and he…. wasn’t. (Half of my ancestors would have been down there and loving it, the other half had already been in the US for quite some time.)

  2. It makes me very sad that they didn’t know it was real. I’m guessing that they had know idea we fought Japan in WWII either. So much to teach, so little time.

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