6 comments on “A History of Violence

  1. It is so great that you have recognized this truly excellent film. Although, I was a great admirer of CRASH, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, & KING KONG that year, I was really upset that the Academy all but ignored 2 other films–THE UPSIDE OF ANGER & A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. This film deserved nominations for film and Director as well as recognition for the performances of Mortensen, Maria Bello, a very creepy Ed Harris, as well as “broheem” William Hurt. Actually, I just watched this again 2 weeks ago and was once again struck by the power, suspense, and quiet intensity of this film. An unfortunately underrated great film!

  2. interesting that my memory pretty much faulted me on this: I seemed to remember that I very much liked the film, but upon reading back my notes at the time (http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/a-history-of-violence/) it seems I was a bit underwhelmed. What seems to have bugged me in particular is that the film is rather rushed, with key plot points coming at surprisingly early moments. Of course it is a Cronenberg film, so it still is very interesting, and has fabulous actors involved, but still… will need to see it again to hopefully get rid of that slight tinge of disappointment.

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