3 comments on “King Kong

  1. One of my all-time favorites which my Dad took me to see as a young kid, when it was re-released. Even with all the Visual Effects advances, this still holds up amazingly well…and you’re right about the battles with the various dinos. Never get tired of seeing this film.
    Now a word of praise and defense for Peter Jackson’s epic remake. After the dreadful ’76 remake with the cheesy python replacing the T-Rex (though I suppose we should be glad for introducing us to Jessica Lange), I was hesitant about seeing the 2005 remake. But check out the DVD extras and appreciate the love and respect with which he researched and faithfully reproduced…even re-shooting some of the lost footage from the original. I’m generally not a big fan of remakes; but this is THE exception where both the Original and the Remake are great works, proudly and prominantly in my film collection…especially with the great Naomi Watts and Faye Wray…it doesn’t get much better. (and, in my opinion, Naomi deserved and Oscar nom. for it.)

    • Ken, I enjoy Jackson’s remake as well, but I do feel that the original should be seen first. My brother and I were blown away in the theater and felt it was a great homage to the original.

  2. A piece of cinematic history! It’s a good movie! Yeah, you’re right: beauty taming the beat. We always try to give meaning to movies. Sometimes, they are just movies. They don’t have to mean anything… Anyway, you might say that it has a “Beauty and the Beast” feel.

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