4 comments on “We Need to Talk About Kevin

  1. I actually just finished watching this and found it quite unsettling. I checked out a fair number of reviews and viewer comments as well as watching the DVD featurettes…also undecided as I can see both sides of the nature vs. nurture argument. One thing was clear for me though–that the true stars of the film were the two young actors portraying Kevin, particularly Ezra Miller. Their similar malevolent glares directed at the mother (and later the little sister) simply gave me the creeps. My personal take on it directed my sympathy toward the frazzled and puzzled mother, while the kid(s) eerily reminded me of the young folk of THE BAD SEED, THE CHILDREN’S HOUR, and even the young Damian in THE OMEN. Kevin’s antipathy to his mother comes almost too early in life to not be “nature”, and his cruelty to his little sister and the killing of her pet seemed to be showing the progression of a serial killer (or worse) in the making…and the fate of his buddy dad was to be expected, but still horrifying. All in all, definitely not a pleasant film; but it is truly the most chilling and frightening of the year…and Ezra Miller’s cold, hateful stare will stick with me for a long time! He deserved some sort of nomination for a really creepy performance.

  2. Triggering this kind of debate is what makes the film great (as if it wasn’t great enough through the performances). My own interpretation would be that the love of this mother against all odds, especially against the fact that her own kid despises her, is what creates the tension at the center of the story. She cannot help but stick with him, even if it means perennial suffering. And I agree, a feel good movie it ain’t, unless watching very good films makes you happy 🙂 . My own take on it: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/we-need-to-talk-about-kevin-lynn-ramsey-2011/.

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