12 comments on “WALL-E

  1. I really loved Wall-e because it had so much in it to think about. It’s a “kids” movie that people over the age of five can watch without wanting to shoot themselves.

  2. Yes! I love that you have the same reaction I did. What a great film. Honestly, if any animated film was to win BP it should have been this one.
    I also love the end credits, great stuff there.
    I actually show this to my grade 9s for my ELA science fiction unit, because there’s so many themes which are easy to grasp. Its also neat to compare it to the song In the Year 2525, which has a lot of parallel ideas but very different tones.
    This is definitely my favourite animated film and the best film that of that year.

    • Wow Ian, I love that you use WALL-E in the classroom! I can see it being a great tool when discussing science fiction. Extra credit if they can find other sci fi references in WALL-E?

  3. My young daughter has just discovered the wonders of WALL-E on my Blu-Ray… I think I’ve seen this film at least twenty times or so in the last month…. I’m not complaining, mind you, but I can do nothing but agree with you assessment of the movie. It truly does stand the test of time.

    • Aww, yay! It’s always great when little kids pick good movies. I wouldn’t mind seeing WALL-E 20 times in a month, can’t say that about many other kids movies.

  4. I saw Wall-E after seeing Happy Feet and I was worried that it would be a similar fear-mongering preachy pile of film but the message is handled with such care in Wall-E that it actually means something to the viewer. Great review, I need to watch Wall-E again soon…

  5. Yup! This movie does have a very eco-warning feel to it! And it’s quite obvious… Besides that, it’s a typical Pixar movie (not saying it as something bad): good humor, a little love story, everyting works out well in the end. Definitely worth seeing!

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