12 comments on “Children of Men

  1. THanks for this review. I have seen the film but only once, and Iit was before I started reviewing films. I think I shall have another look at it thanks to your review.

  2. Such a great film. Truly, a great film. I really did enjoy this the first time I saw it – I was moved by it, and still regard this as Clive Owens’ best role. I really need to get this on BluRay and watch it again….. Hmmm……

  3. a great movie, especially in its odd merging of post-apocalyptic thriller elements with the social realism of a very British dystopia. I like the lack of glamourous and shiny end-of-world visuals, replacd by a dimly lit, grey colour scheme, shaky handheld camera visuals and the Clive Owen’s weary face at center. Him, Michael Caine and Julianne Moore together … great acting, great screen presences and very skillfully crafted atmosphere of doom. a really great achievement! My notes on the film at http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/children-of-men/.

  4. I actually cried when I saw this movie! The fact that it’s filmed to look like an amateur cameraman did it, adds miles to the realism! The sad thing is that all these events and scenes can actually happen at one point…

  5. The birth scene, incredible! The attention to detail throughout the film is extraordinary! The production design, extras casting, stunts, photography, acting and, of course, phenomenal director!

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