4 comments on “East of Eden

  1. Strangely, I missed this film when it came out, so did not become a huge James Dean fan until I saw GIANT the next year…by that time, of course, Jimmy was no longer with us. When I finally got to see EAST OF EDEN, I was overwhelmed and touched by the story and the performances. In retrospect, I think Dean deserved the Oscar for acting as did Julie Harris (who incredibly was overlooked by the Academy for her role as Abra). and Massey has never been better. I often wonder what James Dean would have done if he had lived a longer life; but maybe the legend would not have been as strong had he not left us prematurely (like Marilyn). Anyway, a great performance in a great film!
    Having said that, I have to wonder what you have against PICNIC which was (and still is) my choice for best movie of 1955…much like EAST OF EDEN, I watch PICNIC every time it comes on TCM. Also overlooked that year were GUYS AND DOLLS, LADY AND THE TRAMP, BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK, & NIGHT OF THE HUNTER…any one of which were better than the sappy LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDORED THING…best movie? how ’bout eliminating that one? (wasn’t all that crazy about Mr. Roberts or Rose Tattoo either).

    • Totally agree Ken, East of Eden deserved more. Sorry I didn’t enjoy Picnic as much as you, something between Holden’s inability to keep his shirt on and Novak’s inability to become more than a beauty queen rubbed me the wrong way. Still, you’re right, 1955 had some amazing movies.

      • Just another note on PICNIC which was considered highly sexual when it was released, flirting with near nudity (male and female) which was why Holden kept showing his legs and chest. I was 12 when this came out and I still remember my dad chasing me around the dining room table with a belt when he found out that I had seen it. Still think that the dance scene is one of the sexiest in film history…Arthur O’Connell and Rosalind Russell were awesome! Best actor & actress still go to Dean and Harris for EDEN , however! And yet the end of both films equally still reduce me to tears!

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