5 comments on “Rachel Getting Married

  1. This was one film I just didn’t get…I’ve re-watched it twice and can still say that I absolutely hated this film. It was filled with some of the dumbest scenes, awful dialogue which is just painful to listen to, spoken by some of the most unappealing characters I’ve seen in film since “Clockwork Orange”. I’ve given it my best shot and don’t intend to waste any more time viewing this trash, as much as I like some of the actors (including Hathaway). Sorry Alyson, there are not that many films I truly hate, but this is among them…Demme was just trying so hard to be artsy and clever…yech! You’re right about Debra Winger though; that was a surprise!

  2. Hathaway in this is one of my favorite performances of the last decade. It always felt 100% honest and heartbreaking for me. I really like the movie as well, but I think it’s mostly owed to the performances, and hers in particular.

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