7 comments on “Minority Report

    • I just couldn’t shake the uncanny way I kept feeling ties to Vertigo and Blade Runner throughout the film. But yeah, Hitchcock had the assembly line idea and wanted to use it in North By Northwest, but never got to film it. Spielberg did a good job bringing that idea to life.

  1. Minority Report is one of my favorite sci-fi films ever made. I know in the canon of Spielberg people say it pales, but I think it’s pretty brilliant (featuring a powerful performance from Cruise).

    Vertigo & Blade Runner are good points of reference. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Sam. In the realm of sci-fi by Spielberg, Minority Report is very different from his previous work. Maybe it led to his take on War of the Worlds.

  2. In addition to Blade Runner and Vertigo, I would also mention Blow Up, the way it goes back again and again to specific images to deduce their real meaning.

    Also a great performance by Samantha Morton. The scene when Agatha and Anderton are escaping together and she’s barely functional but still keeping them safe because of her abilities is wonderful. There’s good use of humor throughout the picture, too.

    And, needless to say, I had no real idea how it would end until it got there.

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