3 comments on “Boys Don’t Cry

  1. I’d really like to see this movie; I know next to nothing about the true story of Brandon, do you think this film adequately does justice to the truth and would you recommend it?

    • Before seeing the film, I did not know anything about this true story. From what I have read afterwards, the movie doesn’t stray very far from the truth. However, Lana Tisdel did sue over the unauthorized use of her name and how she was portrayed in the film and won.

      With respect to Brandon, I do believe this film does justice to his story and I would recommend it.

      • Excellent, I can’t stand it when directors don’t give adequate justice to the story. In reading your review I can slightly support what you said about this film being hard to watch, I mean that having only seen the trailer and even there you can see the persecution. I love films that come from tough stories, those really are some of the best simply because of how clear everything is, as long as a good director is in the chair.

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