6 comments on “GasLand

  1. Excellent job Alyson. Your review reminds me of how I felt when I watched The Cove, the documentary which won the academy award in 2009 I believe. This info is both intriguing and rather disgusting; I wanna say I can’t believe this but I, nor we as a population, can’t say that.

      • No problem! Perhaps you should. I don’t always like documentaries, but the thing is just once in a while I enjoy watching them. I haven’t seen one in a while, the last one I watched was about the dynamics of the Aaryn brotherhood which was kind of terrifying and yet brilliant. Before that was indeed when I watched The Cove, and I must say it was so well done, well enough where it became quite hard to watch at times, but I would still recommend it. You should definitely see it.

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