13 comments on “Jaws: A Rewrite and Redemption

  1. After reading the original review I think you did a good job on both posts…but I feel the same way about the stuff I wrote just a few months ago compared to what I’m writing now.

    Jaws is definitely one of my favorites too. You couldn’t pay me enough to swim with sharks now.

  2. This is one of my husband’s favorite films, and he bought the blu-ray the day it came out. About three weeks ago, we saw Jaws on the big screen with an original print from 1975. While “original print” sounds cool, it really wasn’t; the print LOOKED 37 years old, and chunks of scenes were missing. Awesome. Plus there was this poor six year old girl in front of us who was bored to death for the first hour of the movie, then scared to death in the last hour. As much I as I really love this movie, it was not the AMAZEBALLS theatrical experience I was hoping for. Oh well.

    Nice writeup! And your first one was good too!!

    • Thank you! Sounds like your husband is quite the Jaws fan. Bummer that your experience in the theater wasn’t so great, I would have enjoyed watching that kid go from bored to terrified.

  3. Alyson–missed your first review but enjoyed reading this one. I was one of the folks standing in a line which stretched around the block at 15th and Chestnut in Philly waiting to see the great event at the old Goldman Theater by the guy who directed DUEL on TV. A friend and I sat next to a guy who had brought in a pint of bourbon in a paper bag…when the shark jumped out of the water at Chief Brody, the bottle jumped out of the guy’s hands and smashed all over the place…everyone screamed (me too) and the smell of bourbon filled the air. It was just GREAT!!! With all respect to CUCKOO’s NEST, JAWS was my favorite flick of the year!
    I agree with you as well about Quint’s speech about the Indianapolis–it literally sent a chill up my spine, and again, with due respect to George Burns, Robert Shaw deserved the Oscar that year for an absolutely stunning performance.! One other comment about the adaptation of Benchley’s novel was the deliberate change to remove the whole love affair bit between Hooper and Brody’s wife…Thank God for whomever made that decision (Spielberg, I’m guessing).
    The aftermath was a terror of the ocean so abiding that it was years before I’d go in above the knee! and when a friend told me about “land sharks” walking along the beach one night and grabbed my leg…they heard me holler two blocks down! Anyone who can craft a film to involve someone to that extent, is a genius…from JAWS to WAR HORSE, Spielberg is the master!

    • Ken, that’s got to be one of the greatest theater experiences I have ever heard! The way Shaw carries that second half of the film is truly Oscar worthy.

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