13 comments on “Misery

  1. This is one of the all-time best suspense film ever made. I would even say that I enjoyed this one more than the book, which never happens to me. Great writing.

  2. YES! Misery was the first novel I read by Stephen King and it absolutely made me cringe when I read it. Seeing the movie for the first time was intriguing. Just on a side note though, I couldn’t believe how different the movie was from the book, but I digress. I love this movie and the book even more, simply because of how off her rocker Annie is; she’s insane! Also, I didn’t know about the real King connection to the story, it’s brilliant in a way how he used everything to his advantage. All in all, great flick!

    p.s., I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I loved it! I’m gonna review it later. 🙂

      • I couldn’t agree more. Also, even though Brian De Palma’s version of Carrie is I think extremely creepy if not disturbing, I would still really like to read Carrie seeing how it was his first novel. Hahaha, now I just need to get the time to write it, Ahhhhhhhhh! 😀

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