7 comments on “A Separation

  1. Good review of a really surprisingly good Iranian contribution, well done and certainly deserving its consideration as Best Foreign Film. The performances were outstanding all the way around; but the most fascinating thought for me was to consider the various laws in different countries and the accepted legal procedures which may seem bizarre to someone in an outside culture, but are accepted realities in the specific culture. For those who may have been dissatisfied with the ending (as I was), maybe it’s just because it all seemed like a huge non-sequitor…so the mom never really intended to leave but wanted to see what dad would do to get her back?…and the daughter knew it?…and this was the catalyst for all the difficulties?…so they suddenly split at the end after all the legal problems are resolved?…Did I miss something? To me it just didn’t make sense. So, as riveting as the legal/courtroom aspects of the screenplay, and as excellent as the interactions of the main characters were, I just didn’t get the personal resolution. And so, my vote for Foreign Film would have to go to the Belgian entry BULLHEAD…another powerful film!

    • PS…was actually surprised and impressed with the strength and power of the Iranian women as presented in the film…would not have expected such assertiveness.!

      • Ken, I still need to see Bullhead, excited about it. Yes, the legal system shown is very odd to American eyes, I took it as another reason to side with Simin’s wanting to leave. I was alright with the ending, feeling that it wasn’t about the end decision, but everything that led up to it. Strong women in an Iranian film almost feels risky, but it was amazing. Especially Simin, bold enough to want a divorce, going to night classes, she even has her veil off in the class, right?

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