13 comments on “Finding Nemo

  1. I love Finding Nemo, it is one of my favorite Disney movies, second only to Mary Poppins. It is so funny! It definitely is a good family movie, because adults can appreciate it too. That’s something a lot of “family” movies fail to do, in my opinion.
    You’re right about the colors, they are fantastic.

    • Thanks Ian, it was something I first realized on that bus trip when a mom/chaperone commented, “That’s just like a kid!” when Nemo swam to the boat. She was right, but Marlin’s constant worrying was just like a parent in my perspective. 🙂

  2. I love Finding Nemo too, and if I had to pick a favorite character, I’d have to say Gil. Willem Defoe actually gave that character a terrific worldly sense while still maintaining a genuinely caring nature. Overall though, I love the musical selection. Thomas Newman did the music for my favorite movie, The Shawshank Redemption; I love his work here too. 🙂 Great flick!

    • Thanks, sometimes I get the music stuck in my head for hours and don’t mind at all, it’s so good. I love Gil too, especially how Nemo looks up to him, but my favorite character is probably Crush the sea turtle. He represents the more laid back style of parenting, but still so caring. Plus, he so totally rocks! 🙂

  3. Sharkbait ooh ha ha!

    Pixar films are ones I have no problem going and seeing again in theaters if they re-release them. It’d be nice if they just ignored the 3D part though.

  4. My 3-year old daughter recently discovered Finding Nemo on my DVD shelf, and has watched it nearly non-stop ever since…. Even now, after numerous (and I mean numerous) repeat viewings, the film is still as entertaining as ever. Perhaps of any recent film I think this one certainly could claim to be that old cliche – “timeless” – legitimately.

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