4 comments on “Catch Me If You Can

  1. This is one of my sister’s favorite movies, so I’ve seen it a bunch of times. It’s really fun to watch movies like this that have harmlessly breaking the law on the run feel.
    I didn’t realize that Christopher Walken was nominated for supporting actor! He was definitely one of my favorite characters in the film. “Two mice fall into a bucket of cream…” he repeats that story over and over again, and it’s easy to see his influence on his son.
    I also really liked Amy Adams’ character (whose name I can’t remember) and her family. They were like that stereotypical perfect family that Frank’s never was. The were so weird though! And Amy Adams’ reaction to Frank’s lying to her: “You’re not a Lutheran?” Hilarious.
    This is a pretty understated movie, but it’s also really entertaining. It’s cool to think that it’s based on a true story, too, because now days nobody could get away with that stuff (or at least not in the same way).

    • You really hit the nail on the head, Hunter. I loved Adams’ character too, I think her name was Brenda, so sweet and naive. What made me really want to write about this film is how understated it is, I don’t think I remember it’s time in the theaters. And to think that the real Frank went on to revolutionize the way checks are made to prevent fraud, amazing!

  2. I really liked this movie too, and I agree that it did a great job of balancing the fun and humorous with the darker aspects of the story. Some of the moments when we saw the loneliness of Frank’s life, underneath all the flamboyant bravado, were quite poignant.

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