9 comments on “Let’s Celebrate Halloween All October!

  1. It seems like I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies lately; it was only the other night my friend reminded me that Halloween is almost here and I did indeed realize, huh? That’s right! 😀 Anyway, I think Pans Labyrinth would be a good one. I’m thinking about seeing it and if you have anything to say about it I’d like to hear it. 🙂

      • Excellent! That’s what I’ve been told, I absolutely want to! Plus when I saw House at the End of the Street I believe it was, there was a trailer for a new Guillermo Del Torro movie called ‘Mama.’ Ooooooooooo, it looks freaky!

  2. A good horror flick I thought is definitely worthwhile is The Descent, if you haven’t already seen it. Scary as hell, and really good production values.

    Apparently there’s a sequel I’ve yet to see, so I’m going to give that a shot come the 31st….

    • Rodney, I so want to see that one! When it came out, I was working at a theater and only saw parts of it. I would stand at the side of the theater and watch the audience react, it scared the shit out of some people!

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