13 comments on “Psycho

  1. I saw the film recently at the Sydney Opera House with a “live” orchestra……….those strings on the soundtrack……just brilliant! Probably the best soundtrack of all time! What a movie! The suspense build-up is quite extraordinary. Perkins brilliant!

  2. Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on PSYCHO…you hit its historical place just right because up until then…yes, movies played non-stop all day and folks (me, too!) DID just waltz in any time during the showing, sometimes really confusing plot development and comprehension. And I can’t even tell you how many years it was that I (and other friends) made sure that the bathroom door was locked before turning on the shower…even then you never felt totally safe from the knife of Mama Bates. Overlooked by Oscar hardly describes what happened to this film until years later. If I had been the Oscar God that year, it would have won Best Picture, Best Director, definitely Best Editing, Art Direction, and Original Score…AND, with all due respect to Burt Lancaster in ELMER GANTRY, Anthony Perkins Best Actor for a performance that will live in film history. He dominated the film as Norman Bates every bit as much as Anthony Hopkins would 30 years later as Hannibal Lecter. One of my pet peeves through the years has been the films lack of recognition and Hitchcock’s failure to ever get an Oscar—this film was definitely the One that showed his genius…and Anthony Perkins has never been better! Thanks for your review and comments which show that the film continues to impress after 50 years. I never get tired of seeing it …it is just brilliant!

    • Ken, I wish you had been Oscar God that year, even if it meant Lancaster losing that Oscar. The more I see Psycho, the more I enjoy Perkins’ performance.

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