17 comments on “The Shining

  1. Would be keen to get your thoughts on the equally watchable television miniseries which came out a few years back, I think it starred Rebecca DeMornay. That miniseries actually improved on several elements of Kings novel (and Kubrick’s visual ideas) even though it did last several times linger than this film did. Worth a look if you ever get the chance, Alyson.

    This version, while shorter, is still as creepy as ever (and if you can imagine anybody other than Nicholson as Torrence, you’re going to come up short for screen impact) and easily in my top 3 of King film adaptations. Alongside Shawshank and Green Mile.

  2. Great review. I love this movie and it still gives me all of the freaky chills in the back of my spine. All horror movies should be like this, and have the same effect on you no matter what the subject may be.

  3. This is the film that turned me on to Stephen King and, though I would love to have seen the animal topiary moving, and the hotel fire hose turn in to a serpent, I still have the highest regard for Kubrick’s interpretation, particularly the great cinematography and magnificent art direction…also Special Effects capabilities were probably not up to the task in 1980. This has the distimction of having one of all time top frightening moments in film…the scene which you mentioned: bearing in mind that I knew very little of Stephen King or this particular story back in 1980, when Wendy started reading his novel and the camera flashed on page after page (with excellent editing of her reaction) I freaked out and remember thinking “OMG, she’s in such deep s—, and now she knows it! The Maze ending was an interesting addition to the novel; but I must admit to liking both film and novel equally. It was, for sure one of my “top 5″ of 1980…still would love to have seen the topiary animals stalking them though. Shelly Duval was great, as was Nicholoson…”Wendy, I’m home”!…or “I corrected them”!

  4. Ken, the first time I saw this, I remember thinking the same thing as Wendy read his typing. So perfect! When I read the novel, the topiary animals really creeped me out too. Didn’t help that there was two feet of snow outside either.

  5. I read somewhere that Kubrick delibrately constructed the Overlook Hotel so that it didn’t make sense, that the rooms connected in ways that they never could in a real building. Probably one more subliminal way that the movie is disturbing to watch.

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