5 comments on “Nosferatu

  1. German expressionism! I really like Nosferatu. My biggest problem I had when I reviewed it was the intertitles. There were some instances where those cards ruined some of the flow by stating something that was unneeded. The visuals in this movie were powerful enough that there really wasn’t a need for dialogue via intertitles all the time.

  2. If you liked this movie I would suggest a 2000 film titled Shadow of the Vampire. It’s a fictional telling of the making of Nosferatu. Director Murnau (John Malkovich) casts Max Schreck (Willem Dafoe) for the part because he seems to be the world’s first method actor. As cast members start to disappear, though, Murnau starts to wonder if Schreck knows just a little too much about being a vampire. But he’s still got a film to complete.

  3. Regarding “the tinted version available on Netflix”, that one is *the* right version. We often grow up thinking that silent movies were only in black and white, whereas only cheaper copies (alas, the ones we often get on tv) were b&w, with the official copies being either tinted or hand tinted. Chaplin’s The Circus is an example of a movie I’ve often seen being screened in b&w, whereas it is tinted in a wonderful, very creative way, that follows not only the action, but even the score specifically written for the movie.

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