10 comments on “The Descent

  1. As a genre horror doesn’t do much for me, but this was a movie I liked. And it was mostly for the interactions of the women. As you pointed out, they get to be badass, which led some people to call this movie pro-women. At the same time, some people complained that this film is anti-women because of the way they turn on each other instead of staying a team. I think the movie can be interpreted either way, and that’s one of the things that lifts it above a generic horror film.

  2. Good review. I just watched this a couple of days ago and it freaked me the hell out but also kept my blood and adrenaline sky-high. It’s very creepy flick, even if I did feel like they dropped the ball a bit on the twist ending.

  3. The sheer setting of the film (cave, darkness) makes it the ideal creep-out film for me. And Neil Marshall is a director whom I really appreciate for his rawness, his no-nonsense approach to whatever he does. As said, the girls’ interaction is not fluffy and girly, the cave-climbing is not glorious and adventurous, the whole film has realistic visuals that make it all the more frightening when things start going wrong. I really like it, including the finale’s finale, which is nicely doing away with the genre’s tradition of halfway-happy-endings… My review: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/the-descent-jan-2007/

  4. Oh yesssss, this is an awesome film. One of Marshall’s best…. better than Dog Soldiers, in my humble estimation.

    You touch on some excellent points here, Alyson. First, the all-female cast: it must have been a brave choice not to put at least one dude in there to even things up, but the girls are all strong, interesting characters (until they start to get killed), which makes the lack of manpower all but inconsequential.

    The second thing is the monsters – they’re truly, truly scary, and deep underground in the dark, they scare-factor is only heightened.

    Great review, ALyson. I wrote a review on this some years back, but after this, I’m going to have to revisit it and give myself another good fright!!!

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