6 comments on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  1. Welcome back!
    When I saw this film as a kid, I was really scared of it. As such, I only saw it once and refused to watch it ever again. (I was a whimp when I was a kid, I’ll admit.) In English class yesterday someone did a presentation on this film and she showed the clip where the Huntsman tells Snow White to run away and as she runs the trees chase her. I called my mom later that day and we were talking about it, and she said I was afraid of the queen and that’s why I wouldn’t ever watch it. Nice bonding moment there, over a film I’ve only seen once and don’t remember.
    Another thing in the presentation was how the film differed from the original fairy tale. Of course the fairy tale was much darker. In particular, the queen dies at Snow White’s wedding. They force her to wear heated shoes and dance until she dies. Kind of like The Red Shoes.
    It’s also weird to thing of Walt Disney being an actual person rather than a giant faceless company that eats Star Wars. It’s just funny to think that he ever had worry about people losing interest in his films.
    Great review, I really gotta revisit this one.

    • Hunter, I doubt you were the only child scared of the queen, her transformation scene can be especially frightening. I love how this came up in your class! There was a time I had to do an oral report on Grimm’s Snow White, haven’t thought of that in years. You really must see this again, even if it’s scary. 🙂

      • Don’t worry, it’ll happen. I don’t know when, but it will. The animation is so beautiful and this film is so historic that I will not be missing it second time around.

  2. Excellent summation of a truly brilliant film, Alyson. I loved this as a kid, love it even now as an adult – although my daughter hasn’t yet “discovered” it like we did at this point… one can only hope.

    Could I suggest you review a couple more Disney classics?

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