5 comments on “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I feel like Nolan just loves making endings that leave me in an existential crisis. First Inception, now this. WHY?!?!?
    I liked this movie, but Bane bothered me. I hated the way he spoke, it was ridiculous. Not ridiculous like the Joker was ridiculous but still terrifying, Bane was just annoying. He sounded like Darth Vader making a ransom call with a phony English accent. Did not enjoy that. I like the twist with his character though.
    I agree with you about Alfred. He was already my favorite character, but in this film he was making me especially emotional. When he left it reminded me of when Katherine Ross leaves Butch and Sundance, except it affected me about a million times more! Considering this year though, I doubt he’s going to get anything for it, which is a shame.
    Wondering how you felt about Anne Hathaway in this? Apparently this is a very polarizing issue based on the couple of people I’ve talked to about it… I was sort of “meh” on that front.
    Thanks for motivating me to finally watch all of these! Great trilogy, and your reviews were awesome.

    • Thank you! Glad I could bring you some motivation. I liked the way Hathaway treated this role, very coy, knows how to manipulate to get what she wants and a fighter too. And she’s not really bad, just made bad decisions and looking for redemption, I think she brought that through well. And she made me I realized why Batman wears a cape, so that we aren’t staring at his butt while he rides the motorcycle.

  2. I really think Nolan deserves a victory, and this trilogy does even more. I think it was recently nominated as best franchise in some other smaller awards ceremony. Seriously though, these films deserve some serious Oscar gold.

  3. While I doubt the Academy will honor Nolan with a “trilogy” Oscar next year, I certainly hope this film will be nominated – perhaps even for Caine as Best Supporting Actor, largely due to his emotional work as Alfred. Should snag gongs for cinematography, score, and visual effects, regardless.

    Great review, Alyson. I only got my hands on the BluRay last week and was surprised at how much I missed in cinemas that I picked up at home.

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