2 comments on “Saturday Night Fever

  1. I was absolutely nuts about this movie when it came out…and I hated disco! This had to be the only time in my entire existence where I watched and listened to disco and thoroughly loved it. It was an extraordinarily dark & sensitive portrayal by a deservedly-Oscar-nominated John Travolta as the blue-collar guy from Brooklyn looking for something better in his life. Yes, It really did deserve more Academy recognition particularly in its scoring, perfect period-costumes, and direction. I also thought that Barry Miller deserved recognition for his supporting performance as the twerp who starts out as kind of a joke, and ends up as a really tragic figure. Very moving story! One incident to share: when I went to see this for a second viewing with some friends to a local Denver theater, a couple of us were in the lobby after the flick doing the “Travolta strut” when I heard some howls of laughter and turned to see 5 of my students from the local High School much amused to see their counselor behaving so in public…needless to say, I never quite lived that one down; but to this day I still love the movie and have fond memories of “back in the day” when I first saw it. The cast is just perfect and it really is a snapshot of a moment in time!

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