16 comments on “Predictions for the 85th Oscar Nominations

  1. I haven’t actually made any nomination predictions, but there are some that I’m hoping for….
    Silver Linings Playbook was my favorite film this year, so I might be biased towards it, but I’m hoping Bradley Cooper gets nominated ahead of Denzel (I had tons of problems with Flight too so that could also be part of it). I didn’t see Hyde Park on Hudson, so I don’t know about Murray.
    Similarly De Niro in Silver Linings Playbook for supporting actor. I wouldn’t necessarily hope that someone that you have wouldn’t get nominated though. I also really liked Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln.
    For supporting actress I’m rooting for Amy Adams to at least get nominated for The Master. I was rooting for her to win, but then Les Mis happened so…
    I was also hoping for Best Makeup for The Hunger Games, but I guess it’s not a finalist…? (according to wikipedia) Cloud Atlas and The Impossible aren’t listed as finalists either, does that mean they cannot be nominated at all? 😦
    The best of luck to you with your predictions!

    • I’m dying to see Silver Linings Playbook, but it hasn’t been playing anywhere near me, at least not yet. I don’t know much about which films are finalists, but Cloud Atlas and The Impossible are two of the best films I’ve seen all year.

  2. I haven’t seen enough of the possibilities to make predictions, but I’m rooting for Moonrise Kingdom. I agree that it won’t get any acting noms, though, if only because of the topsy-turvy acting credits. For example, Bruce Willis gave a very worthy supporting performance, but he’s the top-billed actor. And the reverse is true of the young leads.

    Also, you don’t do the writing categories? Got something against writers? 🙂

    • You know I love the writers! But I’ve never been very handy at nailing down their nominations, and I don’t think I’ve seen enough films make a decent prediction. That being said, my two favorite screenplays (and films!) this year have to be Django Unchained and Moonrise Kingdom.

  3. Based on these tips, here’s my tips for the winners of your tips.

    Best Picture: The three major contenders out of that lot would be Lincoln, Djano and Zero Dark Thirty… my tip would be for Lincoln (a sentimental no to Spielberg)

    Best Director: Too close to call, I’d love to see either Affleck or Bigelow win.

    Best Actor: I’m sorry, but there’s no way Daniel Day-Lewis can lose this.

    Best Acrtress: Haven’t seen enough to make an informed decision, but I’m hearing good stuff about Jessica Chastain in ZDT…

    Supporting actor: between LOeo and Phillip Seymour HOffman.

    Supporting actress: Hathaway for Le Mis.

    Visual Effects : I’m gonna say that The Avengers will be nomed for this gong, and scoop it come Oscar night, although Cloud Atlas is a serious contender too….

    And my tip for Best Score is for HAns Zimmer to snag it for The Dark Knight Rises….

  4. This has not been a banner year so far….my 2 favorites are LIFE OF PI and SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. Honorable mention to ARGO. and LES MISERABLES should squeak in as well.
    LINCOLN has the distinction of being the first Spielberg film that I ever Dis-liked. I was interminably long because SS just had to preach at the audience and drag it out forever…and to make Thaddeus Stevens some sort of Christ-like being? The guy who was largely responsible for the harsh and destructive Reconstruction era which led to Jim Crow and the KKK and 100 years of repression of blacks in the South? are you kidding? a Historical travesty just to get Spielberg’s thoughts out there. And if I see one more Sally Field performance where she cries hysterically without somehow ever shedding an actual tear, I shall scream in the theater…at least the Makeup guy could have sprayed some fake tears on her face. Having dissed LINCOLN, I must say that Daniel Day-Lewis was the one inspiration in the whole film–an awesome performance which deserves the nom and probably the award. All in all, it reminded me of Redford’s THE CONSPIRATOR–technically beautiful, basically good acting, but so preachy and boooooring!
    When you see SILVER LININGS I’m sure you will add Bradley Cooper to you Best Actor list. I not a big fan (hated the Hangover flicks) but am now a convert. what a great performance! and Jennifer Lawrence was outstanding as well, so far my favorite to win. De Niro, too!
    Now LES MISERABLES. I never thought it was a particularly Great Musical on stage, though I saw it twice; but seeing it on film, I realized what I was missing was the intimacy which the stage version could never seem to impart…but this version is finally the Intimate Epic which really helps the story-line as we see the individuals (who can actually shed a tear) emote in song…Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe both sing solo numbers which are quite emotional and moving (though darned if I can remember the melodies); but ANNE HATHAWAY! OMG! She was so emotional and powerful and full of depth singing the one really great “Dream” song…she made me weep in the theater! No debate–Oscar, Anne!
    Some off-the-wall mentions: For a really interesting supporting performance in a terrible film, Tom Cruise was somewhat astonishing as the aging rock star in the awful ROCK OF AGES. For Actor who carries almost the entire film with a tiger on a raft, Suraj Sharma who somehow makes floating around the ocean on a raft for 2 hours interesting and exciting. And for an amusingly snippy part, how about Kristin Scott Thomas in SALMON FISHING? Finally, a little love for both RUBY SPARKS and THE WORDS…Screenplay nods?
    Now what was so Oscar worthy about Alan Arkin playing yet another cantankerous old dude? I liked ARGO but a nomination for Arkin never crossed my mind while watching it, more like Editing and Directing. All in all, not the best year for films that I can remember or maybe I’ve only seen 4 good ones so far. Makes me thing of a Geraldine Page line, paraphrased…”There may have been worse (years); but, Lord knows, there have been better”!

    • I didn’t care for Lincoln much either, but more on that later. So far, I’ve only seen 2 of the BP nominees. I think that’s a pre-nomination low for me. However, I’ve taken in a wide range of good films that were not nominated this year. I agree, it’s not the best year in film, but at least it’s keeping me on my toes.

      • What a relief to hear that someone else is not all sold on LINCOLN. It’s like people are afraid to criticize it for fear of being thought some sort of Philistine. The final nominations were not that much of a surprise; but the omissions of both Tom Hooper for Direction of LES MISERABLES and Ben Afflek for ARGO are inexplicable and outrageous. Some sort of insider jealousy at work here? Just nuts!

  5. I started just sharing some of my thoughts but had to go all the way because I’m just too much of a nerd not to. This is a really unpredictable year it seems…I like it a lot.

    My top 10 BP nominees. I think the 5-10 will come from this pool:
    Les Miserables
    Zero Dark Thirty
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Life of Pi
    Django Unchained
    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    The Master



    Actress is a tough one…I have:

    Supporting Actor:
    Bardem (wouldn’t be disappointed with Dicaprio, but I think Waltz is better)

    Supporting Actress:
    Downd (This is a long shot, but I’m pulling for her…standby would be Dench)

    Les Miserables
    Life of Pi
    The Master

    Animated feature:
    Wreck it Ralph
    Rise of the Guardians

    Visual Effects:
    Life of Pi
    The Hobbit
    Cloud Atlas
    The Avengers
    The Dark Knight Rises

    The Hobbit

    Original Song (this one’s really tough for me):
    Skyfall (the clear favorite)
    Learn Me Right
    100 Black Coffins
    Song of the Lonely Mountain (this is a long shot, but I like it a lot)

    I do love Sugar Rush though and think it really fits well in the film.

      • Love the surprises this year, though. Except for supporting nods for Silver Linings. Not that they’re bad but the parts are sooooooo small with not much to them.

        I think you’ll feel differently about the year after you see all the nominees (I’ve seen 7). This is a pretty fantastic lineup.

    • Is it just me, or is it time the Original Song category was retired – don’t we cover great songs at the Grammys? Oh wait, that’s just One Directoon and that Beiberererer kid. :/

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