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  1. I actually enjoyed this film, but I can see why you would think it’s boring. There are no real news flashes here. I think most people agree at this point that slavery is wrong, so the debate over ending it seemed obvious to me. They did present the other side, but it was uneven and I didn’t want to think about the other side anyway because slavery is wrong.
    What was mind blowing was Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance. The audience may not have been worried about the 13th amendment passing, but you could tell Lincoln was. I also really liked Tommy Lee Jones in the film. I enjoyed the legislative scenes too, but I usually like political movies. I liked a lot of the anecdotes Lincoln told too, but the overall film wasn’t very thought provoking which kind of let me down I guess. If it wins this year I will be slightly disappointed for that reason.

    • Thanks Hunter, while Lincoln has swept the Oscar nominations, there aren’t many I’ve met that want it to take best picture. However, there seems to be no argument on how great Day-Lewis’ performance is.

  2. Good review Alsyon. Daniel Day, and the rest of the cast is just amazing, but the one who I was most taken-away from was Spielberg, who plays everything safe, intimate, and very subtle. Something I haven’t seen from the guy in awhile.

  3. Good discussion/review, and I mostly agreed. This is absolutely one of Daniel Day-Lewis’s finest performances especially since he so often plays roles “over the top”. Alot of my criticism of LINCOLN dealt with the tedium of sitting through it all, as well as Field’s bizarre performance. But the chief problem was the feeling that Spielberg had some motive to preach at the audience here as he did at the end of Schindler’s List…if you feel compelled to preach about the evils of the Holocaust or Slavery, chances are that the folks you are working so desperately to convert are not going to buy it anyway, and the rest of us may be left shaking their heads. Add to that his (what I consider to be) faulty interpretation of history and viola…my reaction to the film. It might have been more interesting to show the necessity of sometimes working with the scoundrel that Stevens was, without turning the jerk into some sort of Messiah.

    • Thanks Ken, I too was so glad that Day-Lewis didn’t go “over the top” here. A few days after seeing the film, I looked up more about Stevens (I’m no history buff) and understand your reaction to how he was portrayed. Doesn’t sit right with me either, but it helps the film’s plot.

  4. It woulda made me chuckle if Spielberg had put a line in there somewhere about “fighting vampires” as a reference to Timur’s film….

    great review, Alyson. I’m expecting to watch this next week, so I’ll see how my opinions hold up next to yours!

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