13 comments on “Life of Pi

  1. I think you have a typo in your second paragraph: the tiger’s name is Richard Parker, not Richard Palmer.
    Anyway I agree with you about the visuals, they were really beautiful. I also really liked the beginning where Pi was growing up as he was really cute and there was just a lighthearted feel about that whole beginning. I also love the twist at the end, I was worried they might corrupt that from the book (I read the book first) and they didn’t so I was happy:)

      • Aww I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon!
        And you’ll probably like the book since you liked the movie. It was pretty close from what I can remember even though I read it last in year in like May or so… except they gave him a random girlfriend in the movie which kind of made me mad, but really that’s minor.

    • The visual effects are a big part of what makes the film work so well, I was just particularly moved by the story. I love how amazingly real Richard Parker felt. Nice review.

  2. Thanks for your review…My only vague criticism of the film is that it was my first 3D experience and I found myself distracted by the great visual effects for maybe the first 15 minutes. Other than that, I was unexpectedly touched by the story and truly amazed that there was never a dull or uninteresting moment even with the main part of the film taking place on the boat/raft in the middle of the ocean. As one who never read the book and had no prior knowledge of the story, I particularly found the “alternate versions” twist to be mind-blowing and I really have not stopped thinking about it…and I found the ending with the departure of Richard Parker to be strangely sad and moving beyond words. This film should be a shoo-in for Visual Effects and Cinematography; the young actor Suraj Sharma carried so much of the film that I wish he had gotten some sort of recognition; and in my eyes, Ang Lee deserves the Director award. What an amazing and beautiful film!…at this point, my personal pick for Best Picture. Thanks, Mr. Lee…I loved it, too!

    • What a great film to first experience 3D in! I also saw it in 3D and was not disappointed, it just made the effects better. I haven’t been able to get the twist out of my head since I saw this, you’re right, it’s just mind blowing.

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