9 comments on “Zero Dark Thirty

  1. Nice review!
    The only thing that I didn’t like about this movie is that I sometimes got lost in all the intelligence work. I was much more interesting in Maya the character than the hunt for bin Laden. I’m sure if I saw it again I would appreciate the whole film though, I was kind of in an off mood when I saw it.
    Jessica Chastain was fantastic! I loved how especially in the beginning she could get a lot across without saying hardly anything. The ending was perfect and she was perfect in it as well.

    • Thanks Hunter, I was expecting to get lost in all the intelligence, but somehow I got really into it. You’re right, Chastain was great and didn’t need to do all the talking.

  2. Great review, Alyson. I watched this film myself last night, and thought it was a fascinating look into how the CIA carried out their mission to capture bin Laden. Jessica Chastain was great, although a flaw I thought the film had was in the lack of back-story to the characters. Perhaps it might have been good to see how this mission affected the people carrying it out in a personal way; Bigelow seemed to be too preoccupied with the hows and the whys than the who. Aside from that, a terrific film indeed.

    • Thanks Rodney, I really didn’t notice the lack of back-story, but now that I think about it, that could have been to better protect their real life counterparts. Or it’s easier to just not give them a back-story that could distract focus.

      • I just wanted to know a bit more about Chastain’s character, Maya. I think a lack of development on her motivations, her beliefs or ANYthing to allow us to understand the drive she has for getting bin Laden (as opposed to all the other CIA agents) kept her at a distance emotionally for me. Did she have family in the Pentagon or the WTC on 9/11? What was her vested interest in this particular case? She just seemed too…. square-jawed-go-get-him cliched for my liking….

        Understandably, the filmmakers probably weren’t trying to focus on her inasmuch as trying to depict the “chase”, but a little bit of context for Maya as a human being might have given her reactions throughout the film some context.

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