7 comments on “Lady and the Tramp

  1. OMG…you have hit on one of my all-time favorite animated films. When this came out, I was still a pre-teen and there were all kinds of specials on TV and they even released a soundtrack plus songs from the movie with Peggy Lee doing the vocals. It was such an instant hit and the film was beloved, especially by dog-lovers. The spaghetti scene with the waiter singing “Bella Notte–This is the Night” and the sweet kiss in the midst of it, never fails to move me. Years later, it was re-released in the theaters (circa 1980) and I went to see it with some folks, including a neighbor who was some 20 years younger…at the end of the song he looked over in shock and said “OMG! are you crying?”…I never can watch that scene with a completely dry eye! In the 1990 film “Men Don’t Leave”, one of the great sequences is Arliss Howard serenading Jessica Lange with Bella Notte; so other folks loved the scene and song as much as I did. Still love this film, and for other fans, the Blu-Ray version is great and includes the Widescreen version, which was pretty unheard of for an animated film back in 1955. That year, Peggy Lee got an Oscar nomination for “Pete Kelly’s Blues”; but I always suspected that part of her nomination was due to her multi-character voices in “Lady and the Tramp”. Thanks for recognizing this great film and including it your list.

    • Ken, I remembered you had mentioned this being a favorite from the fifties. When I saw it again (first time in probably 10 years or so) I couldn’t wait to review it…Oscar season or not!

  2. This is one of the few disney films that didn’t completely terrify me as a child. Never was too big on those cats though. My favorite part is probably the comic relief characters that are Lady’s friends. Forget their names, but you know the old dog who’s always like “as my old granddaddy reliable used to say” and then you never find out what he says! There’s also the scottie dog with the accent. The beaver was funny too. Aw man I forgot until this moment how much I enjoyed that film…. Thanks for reminding me.

    • The neighborhood dogs were Trusty (Old Reliable’s grandson) and Jock (the Scotty). Si and Am were the perfect villains…a great memory!

  3. A great film, and a terrific example of the widescreen animated process – the scope aspect of this film allows for the inredible artwork to really shine. While not my favorite Disney film (probably not even in the top 10, although I’d have to think about it) it’s certainly one of the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen.

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