16 comments on “Beasts of the Southern Wild

  1. “like no film you have ever seen before.”

    Absolutely true. And so cool that it got the Oscar nominations. I was prepared to think that Kara Hayward should have been nominated for Moonrise Kingdom, but now I have no complaints, since, as you say, the Academy tends to favor the more seasoned. If there was only one “really young actress” slot available, it went to the right one. As Hushpuppy would put it, she’s the man.

  2. I really liked the theme of the movie about Hushpuppy wanting to get her story told. And of course Hushpuppy was awesome.
    I’m glad that it got so many nominations, but I’m also sad that it didn’t get nominated for it’s music. It wasn’t until this movie that I was really impressed with any of the soundtracks from 2012, but this one is great. The music in that scene in the beginning with the sparklers was perfect.
    I’m really excited to see Wallis and Henry in 12 Years a Slave this year. That should be a great movie.

  3. Now a dissenting point of view…and you all are gonna hate me for it. Here’s what I wrote to Netflix after seeing the movie last summer: “Sometimes I think that there is an “Emperor’s-New-Clothes” Syndrome at work in some of these Indie Festivals where a couple people proclaim a work to be “profound”; then others, not wanting to appear to be Philistines, chime in to sing the great virtues of what is really just crap. Though “Beasts” started off promisingly, it soon deteriorated into a presentation of the most revolting collection of people that I’ve seen in film…they mumbled, yowled, and shouted in unintelligible dialects and Sound so poorly done that the whole thing might as well have been done in a foreign language. And what was all the nonsensical editing of the polar caps melting?…I expected Al Gore to come out any minute and deliver a speech to make some sense out of this whole mess! What a bunch of nonsense…and, in the end, it was just boring! I couldn’t wait for it to end. One reviewer mentioned this film in connection with “Tree of Life”. I respectfully disagree…I loved “Tree”; but “Beasts” tried so hard to be artsy that it was merely ridiculous.!” Having said that, I was less than happy about the nominations; however, I put it on my Netflix Queue to give it another chance and see if I was just in a foul mood when I initially saw it. Sorry, this is the one film I just couldn’t get in to.

  4. Ken: Hate you? Because you hold a contrary opinion? What do you think this is, the Internet? 🙂

    Seriously, one of the things I really liked about it was how the people who refused to evacuate the Bathtub were exactly the people who would have stayed, and who would have escaped when they were taken away. They weren’t romanticized or cleaned up. They seemed very familiar to me. I also enjoyed the tempestuous relationship between Hushpuppy and her father for the same reason.

    I do take umbrage at the suggestion that I’m influenced by what’s considered hip at the festivals. The Paul Anderson I revere is the one who makes the Resident Evil films. 🙂

    • I guess I was just trying to understand all the raves about it back in the summer…it always bothers me when folks carry on over a film that does nothing for me…and I really just did not get this one. Will give it another try on Netflix, though I recall that the poor sound and the inability to understand almost anything that was being said was my major sticking point at the time and really ticked me off. Maybe I’ll try watching it with subtitles…

      • No worries, Ken, to each his own. My husband didn’t really care for this one either, he compared it to Tree of Life in a way you probably wouldn’t favor. I kind of laughed at the random clip of the icecap crumbling into the sea too, like it came out of nowhere! Give it another shot sometime.

  5. I saw this one when it first came out, so it’s been a while (love it, by the way. My second favorite film of the year).

    Anyway, maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but aren’t the icecaps melting what releases the Aurochs? I think it’s completely symbolic and not something that actually happens.

      • Les Mis 😀 I’m a sucker for good melodrama and musicals though, so it was kind of tailor-made for people like me.

  6. I watched “Beasts” for the first time half-asleep midway through a 10-hour flight, dozing off occasionally. Highly recommended approach! The film’s hypnotic images and voice over carries nicely into very vivid dreams. Upon watching it again and with a clearer mind, the flaws in the script come through a bit better, but I still appreciate the willingness to make an unconventional and heartfelt film. Just checked, seems still to be one of my favourite 2012 releases. My comments: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/beasts-of-the-southern-wild-benh-zeitlin-2012/

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