6 comments on “The Impossible

  1. The performances from Watts, McGregor, and Holland make this really good. Other than them, the rest of the movie kind of just drowns. Yes, pun intended. Good review Alyson.

  2. oddly enough, I found the fact that the plot was based on a real story to be in the way of a more interesting and credible story. The way it played out you would not have written for a drama, as the tragedy of the events is sometimes covered in a layer of coincidence and even slight cheesiness. But I did like the performances, too, even though McGregor impressed me more than Watts (whose performance – without spoiling the plot – was mostly of a more static horizontal kind). Nice review, Ms Kier! My own notes on the film are here: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/the-impossible-juan-antonio-bayona-2012/

    • Yeah, in general I would disagree with the idea that basing a film on a real life story doesn’t necessarily make it better. But when dealing with massively important and well known stories, such as this tsunami and United 93 for example, it does hold an impact that is hard to come by otherwise.

  3. Interesting review. I didn’t like this nearly so much as you, but I agree the performances are terrific. Especially Watts and Holland. Wow, them. Wow.

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