7 comments on “Amour

  1. Solid review Alyson. It’s pretty sad and emotionally-draining, but still intense and compelling because of it’s leads, and the performances that Haneke is able to get out of them.

  2. Nice review. This is my favorite out of all the best picture nominees and I’m rooting for this to take Best Picture, though I know that’s not going to happen. Michael Haneke really makes very emotional and powerful films.

  3. Have to admit, this one is low on my “must watch-o-meter” mainly because it’s going to be so depressing, and I need to be in the right frame of mind to take the plunge. Bit like that Judi Dench/Kate Winslet movie, Iris, from a few years back.

    Great review, however, and I guess once I get through this weekend with the Oscars I’ll be able to sit down and check it out….

  4. I went to see the film and as you experienced with a few 50 something attendees. This film was very sad, but very well done. I found the the film lingered with me for days after viewing it. Both my
    parents died in nursing homes, and those were painful experiences. To view dear George
    soldiering on to keep his promise to the woman he loved was deeply touching.

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