9 comments on “Oscar Predictions 2012

  1. What an awesome list of predictions…I actually have only 2 disagreements with your list–Film Editing should go to ARGO because of its amazing juxtaposition of 1970s footage with the present-day film action…AND, though I personally agree with your selection of LIFE OF PI for BP, (and though I would also be happy to see SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK sneak in); I have a feeling that folks are ticked off enough about the dissing of ARGO that they just might put it over the top. Every awards group so far (Critics Choice, Golden Globes, SAG, BAFTA, Producers Guild, Directors Guild, even the Writers Guild) has put ARGO on top, maybe in reaction to the slap at Ben Affleck by the Academy. This may be the chance for voters to take a slap back at the Academy for the antiquated voting requirements with %age requirements that could have been designed by the First Continental Congress. I personally would not pick ARGO as Best Picture, but will not be at all surprised if it wins…and if it does, just for payback, I will be LMAO.
    Other than that, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you are clairvoyant in your predictions.

    • Ken, I would not be surprised if Argo took Best Picture, but it would just feel like revenge for snubbing Affleck. No one wants it to do down like that. I too would be happy to see SLP take top prize.

      • It would be totally a revenge thing!!. But I’m sort of cynical about what it is that gets films Oscars, or even nominated. Hence, my attitude towards a potential win by ARGO. The history of the Oscars has been one of people winning out of sympathy, or losing because of “misbehaving”…this would just be one more good story!

  2. I’m rooting for Moonrise Kingdom, too, but I don’t think it will win.

    The thing that just struck me is that there’s been so much uproar about historical inaccuracies in Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Lincoln, and even Django Unchained, but there was no mention of this when The King’s Speech (which is full of inaccuracies) was nominated. I guess Americans only care about American history. 🙂

    Also, good work on including Les Miserables with the “historical” films this year. Most people don’t realize (as far as I can tell) that while the characters are fictional the uprising depicted actually happened. But of course it happened in France. 🙂

      • Me, too, but a lot of people get stuck on Step 1 and never make it to Step 2. 🙂

        With The King’s Speech I had the advantage of seeing it with someone (my mother) who had been around during those years and remembered a lot of what really happened. I read some articles about this later, too.

  3. Nice predictions! For best picture I’m hoping Silver Linings Playbook will get it, but my hopes are not too high. I predicted Argo though, going with all those precursor awards. I was with Lincoln for a really long time though, it was hard for me to get over Affleck not being nominated for director. I’m still not too confident in Argo though, I’m kind of just going with the flow there. Life of Pi seems like a pretty good guess too.
    I was also afraid to predict Moonrise Kingdom for original screenplay, but I hope it wins. As good as Django is, I’ve been quoting Moonrise Kingdom so much more.
    Glad to see you have DeNiro for supporting actor though! I was kind of afraid to go with him for some reason, so I went with Tommy Lee Jones. This one seems like one of the toughest categories though. I do wish DiCaprio had been nominated though! Also Javier Bardem, but he probably wouldn’t have won even if he had been, being from a Bond film and everything.
    I am excited to see what sort of Bond tribute stuff they have lined up though! I have to miss the beginning because I have work but hopefully they’ll still be some cool stuff at the end!

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