5 comments on “Lust for Life

  1. I was about 12 years old when I first saw this film at a small theater in downtown Philly. I was so struck by it that I purchased the souvenir prints of the artist’s paintings at the theater and was immediately a humongous fan of Van Gogh. Your recognition of the Art Direction in the film is right on target, and Douglas’s performance is so powerful that it is still his best as far as I’m concerned. This was yet another of those great 1956 films…and I am so grateful because I credit this film with turning a young kid on to Van Gogh and Impressionist art. In that sense, this movie really altered my life and my perceptions. And that’s really the best tribute I can give to a film!

      • Actually. I still have them…A Sunflower, The Drawbridge, Van Gogh’s Room, Starry Nights, and Blackbirds Over the Wheat-fields. Should have also gotten the Flowering Almond, which came to be a favorite.

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