6 comments on “Jurassic Park: 20 Years of Dinosaurs, Adventure and Waiting

  1. After the thrill of LIFE OF PI in 3D, I’m ready for this one. What a great movie this was…back in ’93, almost every time I went to the local multiplex, no matter what I intended to see, I wound up seeing JURASSIC PARK again. I don’t even know how many times I wound up seeing it; but I just couldn’t get enough of the dinosaurs–MY favorites were those “clever girls” the Raptors! As with other classics, JURASSIC PARK has received more recognition with the passage of time. Lest we forget, though, Spielberg was competing against himself with the Academy since he presented us with SCHINDLER’S LIST the same year–a remarkable achievement! I always have been a fan of Spielberg; but to do these 2 films in the same year shows a versatility that has made him a Film Director of legend.

    • My seven year old self would have been so jealous of you, Ken. I always forget that Schindler’s List was the same year. Two films, both great in very different ways from Spielberg in such a short amount of time, truly amazing.

    • There’s forgiveness and then there’s just moving on peacefully. Like I said, I clearly haven’t forgotten, but they did. In their defense, I probably would have freaked out first seeing the big t-rex scene. Last night in the theater, it was more intense than I ever remembered.

  2. I let my brother Mark talk me into taking Luke and Austin to see Jurassic Park. Luke did fine, Austin buried his face into my chest during parts of the movie, and we both had our feet up in the seat during the kitchen scene. I still stop and watch this movie when I come across it while channel surfing,
    Also Dave and I read on a site honoring him; Roger Ebert’s top ten worst movies he ever reviewed . The quotes posted on this site were so funny and I realized how intelligent the man was. I am so glad you had the chance to meet him.

    • Wonderful memories. This weekend, a family sat in front of us at the theater and I noticed the littlest one (maybe 5 years old) just buried his face into his mom during the t-rex scene. I imagined little Austin reacting the same way back then. Thankfully, the kid was fine and happy when it was all over.
      Ebert sure had some great ways to tell the world how much he disliked a film. I’m very lucky and grateful to have met him.

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