14 comments on “The Prestige

  1. Good review. I will look for this, so am grateful for no spoilers. Minor quibble: It should be “pique our interest” rather than “peak our interest”.

  2. Ooo this sounds like a cool movie! I think I’ve heard of it but I never really knew what it was about. Thanks! I will have to see this one! Trust Nolan to blow everyone’s minds, huh?

    • Yes, another Nolan mind-blower. I think this was the second movie of his I saw, first being Batman Begins, so this was the first of his to really blow my mind like he does.

  3. Good review Alyson. This one really messes with your mind and continues to build and build until you are left with having no idea what to make of what you just saw. That’s why I love Nolan movies.

  4. very good review, good choice of movie. One of Nolan’s most precise movies for me, twisty and captivating but totally fathomable, and not too much exposition

    • Thanks, if I were to rank Nolan’s films that I’ve seen by precise and not much exposition Memento would have to be at the top. But there’s something about The Prestige that keeps me coming back for more.

      • Yeh, Memento is precise, but I wonder if sometimes it being to clever, still a great film of course. same too here about The Prestige, Insomnia does the same for me too.

  5. Such a wonderful, marvellous film. Easily one of Nolan’s best, ecplising even Inception (but not The Dark Knight) in terms of its world-creating, mind-bending sense of illusion. Bale’s never been more intense, and Jackman proved himself a worthwhile leading man, without adamntium claws, in this.

    Great write-up, Alyson.

    • Thanks Rodney, The Prestige and Inception are often tied on my best-of Nolan films. Part of me can’t help but joke and describe this movie as, “Wolverine and Batman as dueling magicians.”

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